From Paris to Tel-Aviv

A click between two brands, Klic by SHENKIN and Yiddish Mamma, who each display their creativity on their own field and who have decided to collaborate in order to suspend time. From Paris to Tel Aviv, one of them writes words in Yiddish - with humor and love - to never forget them, the other two wrap with pop-color straps the wrists of a whole generation around, in a single Klic!


Wearing a message of happiness, showing or declaring maternal love is the meaning of this partnership – that was born "remotely" and during lockdown - between the three designers. Like a bond that continues beyond borders, a jewel that travels and passes from mother to daughter... A message of love and peace that gives strength and pays tribute to all those thanks to who we can express ourselves today.

From November 1st until November 15th, Klic by SHENKIN jewel will be engraved with the logo Yiddish Mamma, and delivered with three adjustable cord-colors (purple, light pink and blue). For the first pre-orders, a totebag “Yiddish Mamma from Tel Aviv” will be offered as a gift – an exclusive edition in a vintage floral fabric, made in Paris especially for the Israeli brand. A local production committed to a universal love!

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