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Klic Glazed "Souffle de Violette"

for Man

- 400 NIS -

The jewelry Klic Glazed "Souffle de Violette" is a limited edition of the iconic Klic Glazed L silver on the occasion of Pink October.

This jewelry is offered as a limited edition as part of Klic by SHENKIN support for the work of "Souffle de Violette" led by EREEL endowment fund, that provides year-round support and assistance to women affected by breast cancer.

30% of each sale are donated to the EREEL endowment fund.

 The package includes:

- 1 Klic Glazed L silver engraved with the message "Strength & Courage"

- 3 adjustable cord colors (thick): blue, purple and black

The Klic is fitted with an opening system easy-to-use, so it can be put on one or more cord(s) at the same time. It's definitely effortless to change your style!